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Procedure for Attending Virtual CPE Meeting

Dear Members,


This is to inform you that the CPE Directorate (CPED) has allowed the study circles to conduct Virtual CPE meetings (VCMs) only for the members of the study circle with a restriction on participation to 300 members only. Following this, Borivali (Central) CPE Study Circle have started organising the VCMs. Following are the Do’s and Don’ts for the BCSC members to be adopted for the new normal.


  • We will be circulating separate pre-registration link to the members for each VCM through email intimating about the event. For attending VCM, the pre-registration is must. The link for the pre-registration for VCM will also be available on the website under the tab Programs/Events.


  • Kindly ensure that email ID is properly filled while pre-registration as all future communication for the said VCM will be delivered to the email ID registered for VCM.


  • The registration link will be closed two hours before the scheduled VCM or on reaching the limit of 300 participants, whichever is earlier.


  • Post registration, you will receive the confirmation e-mail containing link and password for attending a VCM only after the approval. The approval is based on your membership with our study circle and the limit of 300 participants on first come basis.


  • Once you get the link to attend a meeting, make sure, you login 5 minutes before the meeting and for that you need to click on the words mentioned in blue colour “click here to join” in the confirmation e-mail.


  • The approved participants will receive a reminder email twice, a day before and an hour before the VCM.


  • Even after registering, in case, you are unsure about attending, please cancel your registration voluntarily. That will allow other member to attend the VCM and take benefit of it.


  • We request members not to send any greeting messages in chat, if  chat is enabled.


  • Please note that the member will be eligible for Structured CPE credit on attending the entire VCM.


  • The link for the study material and the recorded video will be shared with the members of the study circle subject to approval by the speaker.


  • In case, you are not going to attend the VCM, please do not register and reserve a seat, which can be occupied by a member, who really wants to attend that particular VCM.


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